Aurélien Roelens


Aurélien Roelens joined Cube IM in July 2010.

In the energy sector, Aurélien was involved in the strong growth of Cube I’s wind power platform (Boralex Europe) including two build-ups and subsequent exit (2015) as well as in the acquisition of Cube I’s district heating platform Idex (2011) and in asset management of HPP, PV and WtE companies. In the fibre sector,

Aurélien notably contributed to the acquisition of Covage in 2011 and its successful development through tenders, private deployments, and the bolt-on acquisition of Tutor in 2016, as well as in the launch of the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund and its initial investments until 2018. He led Cube II’s investments in dst telecomunicaçoes and in G.Network (2018) and, since, works on fostering their growth (e.g. G.Network’s fundraising in 2020). He is a Board member of dst telecomunicações and G.Network and former Board member of DWS and WWS.

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