ESG Discretionary Mandate

Le label LuxFLAG ESG Discretionary Mandate est destiné aux produits de gestion des risques qui contribuent à la transition vers l’atténuation et l’adaptation à la crise climatique, ainsi qu’à d’autres questions environnementales et sociales incluses dans les objectifs de développement durable des Nations Unies.

Eligibility Criteria
Portfolio 100% screened (“look through” applied)
SFDR Article 8 or 9
Exclusionary policy LuxFLAG ESG exclusions
If DM invested through funds 75% of funds Article 8 or 9
Legal requirements Authorized under discretionary portfolio management agreement or wealth management agreement
Transparency / disclosures Mandatory
Application Cycle
Application Session Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Application submission deadline 31 Dec. 31 Mar. 30 Jun. 30 Sept.
Sample selection / evidence collection 25 Jan.* 25 Apr.* 25 Jul. * 25 Oct. *
LuxFLAG Team review  and

Management review

Jan. – early Mar. Apr. – early Jun. Jul. -early Sept. Oct. – early Dec.
LuxFLAG Eligibility Committee review Early / Mid Mar. Early / Mid Jun. Early / Mid Sept. Early / Mid Dec.
LuxFLAG Board review End Mar. End Jun. End Sept. End Dec.
Communication of decision 29th Mar. 29th Jun. 29th Sept. 21st Dec.

*The sample selection can only be conducted by 25th Jan./Apr./July/Oct. if the application package has been provided in due time. Otherwise the sample selection will be treated on a best effort basis.


If you have any questions regarding the label application, please send a mail here

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