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How to implement an investment portfolio decarbonisation pathway?

Investing to actively help tackle climate change is largely an ethical pursuit at present.

This is evident in the fact that solutions to facilitate 80% decarbonisation already exist, but are not yet adopted as many remains uneconomical. As a result, policymakers are likely to encourage faster decarbonisation via regulatory change. Regulatory change could affect the viability of certain economic activities, encouraging innovation and creating significant investment opportunities and risks. As the regulatory environment evolves, those that have taken an active approach to tackling climate change issues will likely be rewarded, while those that can/have not could face existential risks. This dynamic makes climate change and its implications a key component of our Sustainable Economy theme within the New Economic Order.

Speakers in this session

Glenn Anderson

Sustainable Investing Analyst

Fidelity International

Ana Victoria Quaas

Investment Director

Fidelity International

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