LuxFLAG labels 26 new investment funds

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LuxFLAG is pleased to announce that 26 new funds have been granted a LuxFLAG label bringing the total to 183 investment products (101 ESG, 3 Climate Finance, 11 Environment, 32 Microfinance, 21 Green Bonds, 15 Applicant Fund status) as at the 12th of December.

These products are domiciled in seven jurisdictions viz. Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and are managed in 14 countries.

The number of LuxFLAG labelled investment products grew by 78% since the beginning of the year reflecting the growing importance of highlighting the ESG credentials of fund products and a strong growth in sustainable investing.

The newly labelled ESG Funds are:

  • BL – Sustainable Horizon
  • CPR Actions France ESG
  • CPR Euroland ESG
  • CPR Europe ESG
  • CPR Invest – Smart Beta Credit ESG
  • CQS New City North American Equity Strategy
  • CS (Lux) Digital Health Equity Fund
  • DIGITAL FUNDS Stars Europe
  • DIGITAL FUNDS Stars Europe Ex-UK
  • DIGITAL FUNDS Stars Europe Smaller Companies
  • DIGITAL FUNDS Stars US Equities
  • East Capital Global Emerging Markets Sustainable
  • Insight Sustainable Euro Corporate Bond
  • Mandarine Active
  • NEF Ethical Global Trends SDG
  • Sustainable Europe Index Fund

Funds which were granted the LuxFLAG ESG Label Applicant Fund Status are:

  • ACTIAM Sustainable Emerging Markets Debt Fund (HC)
  • Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC) S.A., SICAV-RAIF
  • CS (Lux) Edutainment Equity Fund
  • IDINVEST Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure
  • Tikehau Mercati Privati Europei

Funds which were granted the LuxFLAG Environment Label are:

  • DNB Fund – Renewable Energy
  • FDC SICAV Actions Monde Sustainable Impact – Actif 1

The newly-labelled Microfinance Fund is:

  • Wallberg Global Microfinance Fund

The new fund which was granted the Microfinance Label Applicant Fund Status is:

  • ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund

LuxFLAG Labels are valid for a period of one year and are subject to renewal on expiry.

Kindly contact us for further information.

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