LuxFLAG labels 15 new investment funds

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LuxFLAG awards new labels to 15 investment funds, labelling now 117 investment products in total.

The ESG Label has been awarded to 8 funds:

  • AB FCP I – Sustainable US Thematic Portfolio
  • AB SICAV I – Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
  • Blue Like An Orange Sustainable Capital Latin America Fund I
  • CPR Invest – Education
  • CPR Invest – Food For Generations
  • Fidelity Funds – FIRST ESG All Country World
  • Fidelity Funds – Sustainable Water & Waste Fund
  • Tikehau Credit Plus

The ESG Applicant Fund Status has been granted, amongst others, to the following funds: Actiam Global Equity Impact Fund, Actiam Sustainable Euro Fixed Income, CQS New City Global Equity Fund.

CQS New City Global Equity Fund is the first Irish fund receiving the Applicant Fund Status.


The ESG Label has been renewed for the following 5 funds:

  • DPAM L Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable
  • DPAM Invest B Equities Europe Sustainable
  • DPAM L Bonds Government Sustainable
  • NEF Ethical Balanced Conservative
  • NEF Ethical Total Return

The Environment Label has been renewed for the Central American Timber Fund.

The Microfinance Label has been renewed for 13 Microfinance funds:

  • Dual Return Fund- Vision Microfinance
  • FEFISOL- Fonds européen de financement solidaire pour l’Afrique
  • European Microfinance Platform Fund
  • GLS Alternative Investments – Mikrofinanzfonds
  • KCD Mikrofinanzfonds III – Universal
  • Investing for Development – Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund
  • REGMIFA – Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • responsAbility Financial Inclusion Fund
  • responsAbility Micro and SME Finance Fund
  • responsAbility Mikro and SME Finance Debt Fund
  • responsAbility Micro and SME Finance Leaders
  • Rural Impulse Fund II
  • The European Fund for Southeast Europe

As of 1 April 2019, LuxFLAG labels 117 investment products (31 Microfinance, 7 Environment, 46 ESG, 4 Climate Finance funds, 8 Applicant fund status and 21 Green Bonds).

If you are interested in labelling your sustainable investment product, kindly contact us for further information.

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