LuxFLAG hosts a COP27 Side Event titled “Impact Investing: Key Policy and Market Challenges in an Evolving Regulatory Environment”

LuxFLAG Press Release – 4 November 2022

LuxFLAG hosts a COP27 Side Event titled Impact Investing: Key Policy and Market Challenges in an Evolving Regulatory Environment

As part of its mandate to promote sustainable finance and responsible investment, LuxFLAG joins the EIB Benelux Pavilion at COP27 with a Side Event titled: “Impact Investing: Key Policy and Market Challenges in an Evolving Regulatory Environment”.

The objective of the LuxFLAG’ Side Event is to shed light on key market challenges faced by impact asset managers and investors and on how regulatory frameworks are evolving to enable the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

In the first part of the side event, Finance in Motion, a leading global impact asset manager and advisor, will walk us through the main challenges market practitioners face when investing via their impact funds, through the example of the Green for Growth Fund (GGF). The European Investment Bank (EIB), as one of the initiators of the GGF will contribute to the panel by sharing its long-standing investor expertise.

In the second part of the Side Event, Prof. Dr. Dirk Andreas Zetzsche will present how UN SDGs and sustainable finance regulation could overcome some of those most pressing challenges faced by asset managers and investors. In addition, policy recommendations will be explored with the objective of identifying ways to reorient more private-public capital towards sustainable projects.

The side event will last 90 minutes and envisages a total of two sessions:

  • one panel discussion among Eila Kreivi, Chief Sustainable Finance Advisor at EIB and Britta Bochert, Head of Product Development at Finance in Motion, moderated by LuxFLAG CEO Isabelle Delas; and
  • one presentation by Prof. Dr. Dirk Andreas Zetzsche, Professor of Law, Holder of the ADA Chair, University of Luxembourg on UN SDGs and the Sustainable Finance Regulation followed by an open discussion with all panelists.

You may find the latest event news and registration details on the event webpage.

The event will take place at the EIB Benelux Pavilion, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on 7th November 2022 at 3:30 pm EGT (2:30 pm CET) and it will be livestreamed on YouTube on

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