LuxFLAG appoints Isabelle Delas as CEO

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On behalf of the LuxFLAG Board, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Isabelle Delas as Chief Executive Officer of LuxFLAG, with effect from 16 May 2022.

As from this date, Isabelle will take the reins of LuxFLAG, which promotes sustainable investments by awarding a recognized label to eligible investment products.

I firmly believe that Isabelle, an experienced manager of impact investment funds with a passion for sustainable finance, will play a key role in the future development of LuxFLAG.

Isabelle has demonstrated a long-term commitment towards sustainability since she started her career in 2001 with the International Development Law Organization in Rome (Italy), where she gained practical international experience on climate change and development finance, prior to moving to Luxembourg 12 years ago.

She is currently Head of the Luxembourg Branch of Finance in Motion GmbH, a leading impact asset manager, and a Member of the Board of Managers of FiM Asset Management S.à r.l.

I am also convinced that Isabelle’s sound knowledge of the Luxembourg financial centre’s sustainable finance ecosystem will help LuxFLAG cater to the needs of its Associate Members and to raise sustainability awareness with a broader range of financial actors.

The tragic passing of Sachin Vankalas, former Chief Executive Officer of LuxFLAG, in July 2021 from COVID-19 was a great loss for his family, for LuxFLAG and for the Luxembourg finance community.

Isabelle, together with the LuxFLAG Board and LuxFLAG team, will continue Sachin’s legacy in contributing to advance the sustainable finance agenda in Luxembourg and in Europe, as we progress on the journey to making finance sustainable.

Denise Voss
Chairwoman, LuxFLAG

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