What is a
LuxFLAG Label?

A LuxFLAG Label is a unique tool at the disposal of Asset Managers which they can use to highlight the Sustainability/ ESG/ Impact credentials of their investment products. Investors use LuxFLAG Label to identify sustainable investment products, as it offers them the possibility to differentiate ‘wheat from the chaff’. The LuxFLAG Label is an independent, internationally recognized validation of compliance with the label criteria, that reflect regulatory and best market practices.

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Sustainable Transition

Why LuxFLAG Labels

More information

Application Session
Application submission deadline
31 Dec. 2023
31 Mar.
30 Jun.
30 Sept.
Sample selection / evidence collection
25 Jan.*
25 Apr.*
25 Jul.*
25 Oct. *
LuxFLAG Team review and Management review
Jan. – early Mar.
Apr. – early Jun.
Jul. – early Sept.
Oct. – early Dec.
LuxFLAG Eligibility Committee review
Early/ Mid Mar.
Early/ Mid Jun.
Early/ Mid Sept.
Early/ Mid Dec.
LuxFLAG Board review
End – Mar.
End. – Jun.
End – Sept.
End – Dec.
Communication of decision
29 Mar.
28 Jun.
30 Sept.
20 Dec.

*The sample selection can only be conducted by 25th Jan./Apr./July/Oct. if the application package has been provided in due time. Otherwise the sample selection will be treated on a best effort basis.

  1. The Applicant Fund should review the desired LuxFLAG Label Eligibility Criteria in order to verify its compliance 

  2. Contact LuxFLAG to discuss the application process

  3. Complete the application package, and submit it to LuxFLAG

  4. The standard application review takes about two months upon which LuxFLAG will inform the decision to the Applicant Fund

Of course, the Applicant Fund or Insurance Product can apply anytime!

The standard application process consists of:

  1. Meeting or call with LuxFLAG in order to understand the Eligibility Criteria and application process

  2. Submission of a Letter of Intent by the Applicant Fund

  3. Submission of the application package to info@luxflag.org as per Checklist and related documentation


LuxFLAG Labels are awarded at a sub-fund/strategy/individual product level.

There is NO application fee for LuxFLAG Labels.

In case of successful application, upon award of the Label licence the standard all inclusive fee per sub fund is Euro 3.000.

All Labels are awarded for a period of 12 months and are due for renewal upon expiry.

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ISAE 3000 Type II certification

In January 2020, LuxFLAG was awarded, for the first time, the ISAE 3000 Type II certification for its label issuance process & controls, making it the first sustainable finance labelling agency in Europe to receive such an external assurance certification.

How to Apply

Are you wondering what a label is? Or which label is relevant to your investment product? Look no further!

Labelling process

Step 1
Investment and insurance products wishing to apply for a LuxFLAG Label should first consult with the CEO or LuxFLAG team, in order to assess whether or not they may be eligible for the label.
Step 1
Step 2
Application Review
The application review is comprised of pre-analysis, sample selection and finally the analysis of the documents provided by the Applicant.
Step 2
Step 3
Quality Control and Compliance
The main objective of the QC&C review is to ensure that the label application review quality is maintained and improved over time.
Step 3
Step 4
Label Decision
An applicant Investment or insurance product is reviewed by the following: First and second review (Operations Team), QC&C, CEO review, followed by the relevant Eligibility Committee and then the LuxFLAG Board.
Step 4
Step 5
Label issuance
A written notification of the Board decision is then sent to the applicant investment or insurance product the day after the Board meeting. No information will be provided to the applicant before this meeting.
Step 5
Step 6
The Label is granted for a period of one year and can be renewed after. To this end, the LuxFLAG team will issue the investment or insurance product with an invitation to submit an updated application document at least two months prior the expiry of its Label.
Step 6
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Applicant Fund Status

LuxFLAG Applicant Fund Status is a unique tool at the disposal of Asset Managers which they can use to highlight the Sustainability/ESG/Impact credentials of their newly launched investment products to boost the marketing effort in the initial subscription phase.

Application Review

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Quality Control and Compliance

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Label issuance

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