ESG: A lasting game changer

Is ESG just a buzzword or a game changer? LuxFLAG organised its very first breakfast seminar in London together with SDL and Lansons to shed light on how Environmental, Social and Governance factors are changing the investment conversation of the future.

The roundtable discussed key opportunities and challenges of widely integrating ESG in the fund industry and today’s role of ESG reporting, transparency and regulation. Even though the interest for ESG is currently flourishing, the implementation in the industry at large might be at first a challenging exercise for many actors. The opportunites are enormous as the panelists agreed during the roundtable. In the end, it’s more about greening the growing economy than growing the green economy. Sustainability should be seen as a key driver for the investment industry of the future, allowing competitive returns and creating a long-term progress towards sustainable development. The panel agreed that there will be no way around taking into account sustainability factors in future investment decision making. Latest when regulation comes in, financial actors need to aware that they need to report on what’s under the surface of their investment policies.

To get further insights, listen here to the podcast of the roundtable with Sital Cheema (Sustainable Investment Consultant), Roddy Temperley (SDL), Archie Beeching (Muzinich & Co), David Masters (Lansons) and Sachin Vankalas (LuxFLAG).

Read more in the SDL blog “ESG a game changer but plenty still to be done


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