In Q2 2023 LuxFLAG labels 5 new investment products for a total of 326 financial products labelled by LuxFLAG

The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) is pleased to announce that 5 new investment products have been granted the use of a LuxFLAG label, for a total of 326 labelled investment and insurance products, with €166 billion of assets under management in Q2 2023.

The newly labelled investment products are*:

  • Protea Fund – Orcadia Global Sustainable Dynamic
  • Tyrus Capital Investments – Tyrus Capital Global Convertible Fund


The funds which were granted the use of the LuxFLAG Applicant Fund Status are:

  • Autofocus Transition Climat Juillet 2023
  • Federal Premium Horizon 2026
  • Chenavari Real Estate Decarbonisation Fund


* Please note that the list might not be exhaustive


The full list of LuxFLAG labelled investment and insurance products is available on LuxFLAG website.


These investment and insurance products are domiciled in eleven jurisdictions viz. Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain and Switzerland and are managed by more than 110 financial institutions based in 16 countries.

LuxFLAG labels are valid for a period of 12 months and are subject to renewal on expiry.



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Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG)


Editorial Notes:

About LuxFLAG

LuxFLAG is an independent and international non-profit labelling agency which was founded in Luxembourg by seven public and private partners in July 2006.

LuxFLAG aims to contribute to sustainable development and promotes transparency by awarding a recognizable label to financial and insurance products. At present, LuxFLAG offers seven different labels which can be broadly classified into two different categories namely Impact Labels (Microfinance, Climate Finance, Environment, Green Bonds) and Transition Labels (ESG, ESG Insurance Product and ESG Discretionary Mandate). Please visit our website for more detailed information on LuxFLAG’s Labels, the application process and eligibility criteria.

In January 2020, LuxFLAG became the first sustainable finance labelling agency in Europe to obtain the ISAE 3000 Type II certification (International Standard on Assurance Engagement) for its system of internal controls for label issuance services to Sustainable Finance vehicles.

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