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Associate Membership

LuxFLAG’s Associate Membership program is a network of organizations that are active or interested in Sustainable Finance.

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A LuxFLAG Label is a unique tool at the disposal of Asset Managers and other financial providers which they can use to highlight the Sustainability/ ESG/ Impact credentials of their investment products. Investors use a LuxFLAG Label to identify sustainable investment products, as it offers them the possibility to differentiate ‘wheat from the chaff’. The LuxFLAG Label is an independent, internationally recognized validation of compliance with the label criteria, that reflect regulatory and best market practices.

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Sustainability Knowledge Center

The Sustainability Knowledge Center serves as a sharing platform when it comes to Sustainable Finance material, such as publications, media etc.

LuxFLAG labels 13 new investment and insurance products for a total of 341 financial products labelled by LuxFLAG as at 1st January 2023
First ESG Discretionary Mandates labelled by LuxFLAG as at 1st January 2023
LuxFLAG explored the critical role of Impact Investing in curbing global warming and the destruction of the natural environment with its Side Event at COP27
Investment with impact: creating metrics to guarantee sustainability
LuxFLAG hosts a COP27 Side Event titled “Impact Investing: Key Policy and Market Challenges in an Evolving Regulatory Environment”
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